Frequently Asked Questions

Install FOS In New Computer
  1. Open Run window by pressing [Window Button + R] or open the File Explorer 
  2. Type in the 'double blackslash (\\)' and the SERVER IP ex. \\ then press ENTER [SERVER IP is may differ from actual configuration]
  3. Goto FO-ForClient folder and copy XXXVCFOL folder; where XXX is Hotel Code ex. AML, AMLVCFOL is the folder name]
  4. Create a Comanche folder in the Local Drive ex. C:\Comanche
  5. Paste the copied folder [AMLVCFOL] to the Local Drive ex. C:\Comanche\AMLVCFOL\
  6. Create application shortcut of the Front Office program by selecting VCFOL_checked.EXE then right click and select 'Create Shortcut to Desktop'
  7. Rename the shortcut to Front Office
  8. Run Front Office from the desktop application to test and verify
  9. Once Login Window appeared you have successfully installed the FOS module

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